Monday, May 12, 2014

ARIZONA POLITICAL SHORTS, May 12: AG Horne Runs Re-election Campaign Out Of AG's Office, Per Complaint

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4) Sarah Beattie, political fundraiser and former employee at the Arizona Attorney General's Office, has formally filed a complaint alleging that Attorney General Tom Horne and several of his AG employees spent significant amounts of time during work hours campaigning for re-election.  Beattie submitted the complaint and an extensive affidavit with supporting documentation to the Secretary of State's Office and the Citizens' Clean Elections Commission.

3) FIRST WATCH: New $225,000 ad that began running in Phoenix market this morning, urging viewers to thank Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-CD2) for putting main street before Wall Street.  Arizona's Politics was also the first to report on the ad buy by Patriot Majority USA - a group largely supported by AFSCME and other labor unions.

2) The Alliance: Some GOP candidates in Arizona's three Congressional swing districts have allied together and with one of the candidates in the wide-open Republican primary for Governor to hold a (mega-) fundraiser together.

All four candidates are facing primary battles of varying intensity, but the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision demolishing aggregate contribution limits (in McCutcheon ) have made these joint fundraisers the new, big, irresistible thing.  And, in a Republican party that is split between establishment conservatives, Tea Party conservatives, libertarians and others, this type of pre-primary election alliance may become more widespread. See the full article for more information.

1) Col. Martha McSally (USAF, ret.) is now a "Young Gun" in the National Republican Congressional Committee's ("NRCC's) eyes.  McSally is running again against Rep. Ron Barber in Arizona's hotly-contested southern Arizona Congressional District 2.  The 10 Young Guns announced this morning have hit benchmarks that the party has set up; they receive additional support and mentorship in their campaigns.

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