Wednesday, May 14, 2014

READ: Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk REJECTS ALJ DecisionThat Attorney General Tom Horne and Kathleen Winn Coordination Unproven

Arizona Attorney General has not yet shaken the serious campaign allegations from 2010 that he illegally coordinated with an independent group attacking his opponent - and, the very serious $400,000 "fine".

(READ Final Administrative Decision, below)

Yavapai County Sheila Polk rejected the conclusion of the Administrative Law Judge that found it equally plausible that Horne and his former employee Kathleen Winn were discussing a real estate transaction, and thus should not be found responsible for violating the coordination statutes.

Polk delivered an 8 1/2 page Decision explaining why it was more probable than not that they coordinated on the ad buy against Democratic nominee Felecia Rotellini (who is running again this year).

By statute, Horne now has 35 days to file in Superior Court a notice of appeal of Polk's decision.  If he wants to stretch this issue out further, he could also wait 30 days to ask Polk for reconsideration.

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