Friday, December 5, 2014

BREAKING: APS, Bob Parsons (Others) Send $375K In Last-Minute Checks To RGA/Ducey Campaign (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

Not only did APS* send a last minute $50,000 check to the Republican Governors' Association to support the campaign of Treasurer-now-Governor-Elect Doug Ducey, but other Arizonans also gave big bucks at the last moment.

Most notably, former GoDaddy CEO and former big Christine Jones-for-Governor supporter Bob Parsons chipped in $200,000 to the RGA in October (in two equal installments on Oct. 10 & 24).

For comparson purposes, Parsons bankrolled an independent expenditure committee Better Leaders for Arizona in the primary election campaign, spending $2.1M supporting former general counsel Christine Jones.  It would appear Parsons preferred contributing to the RGA's attack ad campaign over the pro-Ducey dark money groups that had previously shredded Jones.

Also sending money to the RGA in October were Richard Burke (a Paradise Valley resident who is Chair of the UnitedHealth Group board) and Randy Kendrick (an attorney whose husband is the Managing General Partner of the Arizona Diamondbacks).  They gave $100,000 and $25,000, respectively.

There were no substantial Arizona contributors to the Democratic Governors' Association in that period, and the RGA outspent the DGA in Arizona $6.1M to $150K.**

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was the Chair of the RGA and made an early October visit to Phoenix to support Ducey.

*Actually, APS' corporate parent, Pinnacle West Capital Corporation.
**The DGA contributed $150,000 to "Restore Arizona's Future" through October 17. RAF has not yet filed its post-election report (due yesterday).

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