Tuesday, December 2, 2014

READ: Arizona Supreme Court Says It's Not Group To Consider What Computer Program Recounts #AZ02 Votes, Maricopa Superior Court Judge Is

(Updated 5:15pm: Arizona's Politics received the Supreme Court Order dismissing the Special Action. It is published at the bottom of this article.)

In an afternoon telephonic hearing, the Arizona Supreme Court informed attorneys for voters, the Barber and McSally campaigns, and the government that it would not consider the Special Action filed Monday afternoon by Pima and Cochise County voters.

The Special Action crossed paths with the judicial proceeding opened yesterday in Maricopa County Superior Court (details below), and it is likely that the issues raised in the Special Action will be raised there.

The Special Action was filed by Tucson attorney Bill Risner* on behalf of voters from different parties and different counties.  The crux of the petition was that Arizona law requires the recount to be conducted by a different vote tabulation program and/or by hand.

Risner tells Arizona's Politics that he and his clients are investigating their legal options after the Supreme Court's dismissal.

Pima and Cochise counties have until December 16 to recount the ballots for CD2, and a court hearing is set for 10:00 a.m., December 17.

*Risner has long been active in cases involving immigrants' rights, Border Patrol issues, and election law issues for the Pima County Democrats. 

(Election law attorney Paul Weich contributed to this article.)

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