Saturday, September 3, 2016

FLAKE CHECK-IN: CBS' Face the Nation Brings Back Arizona Senator Jeff Flake: How Do You Feel About Trump NOW?

Get ready for the regular feature on CBS's Face the Nation: "How does Arizona Senator Jeff Flake feel about Donald Trump NOW?"  Flake will re-join John Dickerson tomorrow morning, only 4 weeks after he last listed things he wanted Trump to change.

Here is how FTN is teasing tomorrow's update: "Was Flake encouraged by Trump’s recent moves on immigration policy? Or has he fully closed the door on the possibility of supporting the GOP nominee?"

And, here is the link to our previous article on his August 7 appearance. It includes video, so you can try to  do your own side-by-side with tomrorrow's interview.

With tomorrow's program, Flake may have also officially supplanted Arizona's other Senator as the Sunday news show go-to guy. At least temporarily. (It could be attributed to McCain facing re-election this year, Flake's Trump position, Flake's widely-acclaimed handsomeness, or all of the above.)

Face the Nation airs at 8:30am in both Tucson (KOLD, Ch.13) and Phoenix (KPHO, Ch.5).

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