Friday, September 16, 2016

Now That Trump Has Moved On, Eyes Turn Again To Sheriff Arpaio's Birther Investigation(s) (FLASHBACK FRIDAY)

With GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump's statements this week related to his leadership in the Birther movement - the people who claim that President Barack Obama has lied about his citizenship and being born in the United States - and his eventual statement* today that the President is a U.S. citizen, eyes now turn to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Arpaio - a prominent Trump surrogate - has shared some of that leadership role in the Birther movement, and has never publicly stated that he has ceased investigating what he is convinced is a fraudulent birth certificate.

Here is a series of past articles on Arizona's Politics about Arpaio's birther games:

1) Why Is Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio Using ANY Taxpayer Resources On Obama Birth Certificate Investigation?; Also, Promoting Private, Political Interests (3/1/12)

2) LISTEN: Joe Arpaio Will Make Arrest On Obama Birth Certificate Once He Figures Out Who Forged Documents (3/22/12)

3) Forget The Birth Certificate, Some Will Now Want To See Obama's Marriage Certificate; "Marriagers" Are Birthed (10/4/12)

4) READ, NEW TARGET: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Needs A "New Fight"; Branching Out To Go After Hillary Clinton Presidential Run, Or Giving Up On Obama Birth Certificate? (7/11/13)

BREAKING: MCSO Confirms Sheriff Arpaio Now Has 2 FT Detectives Working On Investigation Related To President Obama Birth Certificate Investigation (2/10/14)

6) BREAKING UPDATE: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office DENIES Detectives Are Working On Criminal Ancillary Investigation Related To Obama Birth Certificate Probe (2/10/14)

7) How Arpaio's Obama Birth Certificate Investigation Is Likely Cause Of Current Posse Vehicle Grounding, Insurance Issues (4/3/14)

8) MCSO Still Using Taxpayer Money To Chase Conspiracy Theories Re: Obama Birth Certificate, Per Mounting Evidence (6/4/14)

*Trump wrapped his brief statement in falsehoods: neither Hillary Clinton nor her campaign started the Birther movement, and he did not finish it.

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TaosBill said...

I wish I could have voted NOT to pay more millions of tax payer dollars to defend the Birther sheriff. $50 million and counting. Insanity and will be until he dies in office and the state shuts down for a week so everyone can get pink clothes and stand on the side of the road as his remains are paraded on every inch of highways, roads and trails in Maricopa county.