Monday, October 17, 2016


A group of contributors to Republican Paul Babeu's campaign for the tossup Congressional seat in Arizona's vast CD1 have (temporarily) thrown their support to Green Party candidate Ray Parrish. The Effective Leadership for America (ELA) Super PAC shelled out $2,400 for telephone robocalls made on Friday - likely to Democratic and independent early voters in the district.

(If you received this robocall, please let Arizona's Politics know. Especially if you have a digital copy that you can forward. As in past election years, Arizona's Politics will be having a prize drawing for readers who share robocalls, mailers, etc.)

ELA is funded by five individuals (below) who also contributed heavily to Babeu's official campaign committee (and a couple of corporations). In the primary race, ELA focused on radio ads supporting Babeu and ridiculing fellow GOP candidate Wendy Rogers.

Babeu is now locked into a dogfight with Democratic nominee Tom O'Halleran, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is advertising heavily against Babeu. Other national groups are likely to jump in, as well.

Parrish is the only other candidate on the general election ballot, and the Green Party nominee is likely to attract more Democrats than Republicans to his candidacy. He tells Arizona's Politics that he was not aware of the calls on his behalf.

ELA is following in a growing line of groups and parties that aim to help their preferred candidate by trying to siphon some votes from the chief rival to a lesser-known. Arizona Republicans recruited Green Party candidates and  Democrats "helped" Libertarians in 2010, former GOP Senate President Russell Pearce attempted to place a "sham" candidate on his recall ballot in 2011, and so on.

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Michael Rotter said...

I recently received a mailer in support of Ray Parish which appears to be paid for by the Arizona Republican Party.

Mitch M. said...

Thanks, Michael! Please scan and drop us a copy, at Make sure you black out the name/address, and please scan both sides.

If you (or, anyone else) get an interesting mailer - or record an interesting radio/TV ad or telephone poll - please let us know!