Friday, October 7, 2016

John McCain "Is One Of The Worst Politicians Of His Time, Held In Contempt By His Party" - From FBI's Clinton Email Recovery (READ)

Arizona Senator John McCain "is one of the worst politicians of his time, held in contempt by his party," Sidney Blumenthal told Bill and Hillary Clinton in a memo that was recovered by the FBI and released by the State Departmet this afternoon.

The prolific Blumenthal made the comment in 2010, in what might be seen as an otherwise-prescient memo describing the "mutation" and "long-term disintegration" of the Republican party.* Interestingly, it came while McCain was battling J.D. Hayworth in the GOP primary to hold onto his Senate seat.

Blumenthal initially sent the memo to former President Bill Clinton, but also forwarded it to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The latter asked aide Huma Abedin to print put the wide-range commentary.

Hillary Clinton and John McCain have had what appears to be a mostly-friendly relationship, despite political differences (and an inappropriate, scripted sexist/homophobic "joke"once about Chelsea, which McCain later apologized for); there is no evidence that either Clinton shared Bluenthal's opinion.

Blumenthal's memo was released today as part of a smallish batch of emails that had been recovered by FBI investigators from the recovered private server. No election-altering bombshells have been discovered (yet).

Wikileaks also utilized the art of the Friday afternoon before a long weekend document dump. They released the hacked Gmail account(s) of John Podesta, who is the Chairman of Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign.

Arizona's Politics searched that release for Arizona-related emails, as well. Other than learning that Podesta has been getting the same Ann Kirkpatrick for Senate emails that we have been receiving, there was not much to capture attention. And, that might explain the Friday afternoon timing, after Wikileaks had been promising a bombshell earlier in the week.

*"In fact, the national Republican Party is not a mirror image of the national Democratic Party, its members just happening to hold different views concerning policy. Since Nixon, the transformation of the Republican Party has been a dominant, if not the dominant factor in American politics. Tuesday's election was another milestone in its mutation and, since Reagan, its long-term disintegration."

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