Friday, May 24, 2019

WATCH: Congressman/Dentist/Body Language Expert Also KNOWS Algorithms; Gosar To Experts: "I Have a Big Math Background"

Add a "science background" and "a big math background" to Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar's CV, right next to "DDS" and body language expert.

Gosar (R-CD4) received national attention last year for telling FBI agent Peter Strzok that his experience as a dentist also made him a body language expert. In another Congressional hearing this week, Gosar warned representatives from Google, Facebook and Twitter that he is "very aware of algorithms" because "I have a science background, I have a big math background."

Gosar was questioning the panel about social media biases against conservative users, in a House Oversight Committee hearing about election security. He was attempting to show that the corporations hire young, liberal people to formulate the algorithms that flag possibly-objectionable content.

The panel members were not going along with the hypothesis, and you could see that Rep. Gosar was frustrated.

Here is the entirety of Rep. Gosar's questioning of the panel.

On a more serious note, Arizona's Politics today reported on Rep. Gosar giving $44,000 in holiday bonuses to his Congressional staff out of his campaign committee's account, and how that could violate House Ethics rules and/or campaign finance laws.

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