Friday, December 20, 2019

BREAKING: New Chris Christie Org To Support Sen. McSally During Impeachment Period (WATCH)

Hours after we reported TV advertising has already surpassed $5 million in the Arizona Senate election, Chris Christie announces that his new organization will spend six figures over the next few weeks providing support for Sen. Martha McSally on the subject of impeachment.

"Right Direction America" is targeting Arizona and a handful of other states who have vulnerable GOP Senators up for election in 2020. Although the group is brand new, it is promising a "seven-figure TV and digital advertising offensive Monday." (According to Politico, the other states are Alabama, Colorado, Iowa, Maine and North Carolina.) 

Christie is the former New Jersey Governor who unsuccessfully ran against Donald Trump for the 2016 Presidential nomination. Like many, he has had a kind of push-pull relationship with the President, and this foray into leading this new organization allows him to continue in that role.

Christie said "I really think there has been a lack of attention on the positive things the administration has done for the country and a tremendous amount of attention on the negativity, particularly from groups like Tom Steyer’s impeachment group."

As you can see from the sample ad below, the group is performing a couple of twists in order to support the Republicans while not having to disclose its contributors or spending. It is fashioning the ad as a "tell your Senator" issue ad. It is targeting the states' OTHER Senator - in Maine's case, the Independent Angus King, and in Arizona's case, Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ). And, it is telling that Senator that CONGRESS has been preoccupied with impeachment and needs to get back to work. (In so doing, it risks degrading the GOP Senate's talking point that it has been working hard while the House has been distracted.)

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