Thursday, March 12, 2020

BREAKING: At Last Minute, Biden and His SuperPAC Flood Arizona Airwaves, But Can't Match Sanders (WATCH, ARIZONA'S AIR WAR)

Jumping in at the last minute, former VP Joe Biden and the SuperPAC supporting him are flooding Arizona airwaves ahead of Tuesday's Presidential Preference Election. Even with the $800,000 blitz, the frontrunner for the Democratic Presidential nomination probably will not catch up with the
million-dollar Bernie Sanders effort.

The Vermont Senator got a one week jump on broadcast TV in both Phoenix and Tucson, and will have spent approximately $1,100,000 in 30-second chunks - on both English and Spanish language stations.

Yesterday, the revivified Biden campaign bought some time on the Spanish language stations, as well. That was followed up with contracts to spend $461,000 on Phoenix's English language TV, and approximately $100,000 in Tucson.

The Unite the Country SuperPAC supporting Biden bought more than $300,000 of airtime to show its 30-second spot praising Biden as a uniter and refuting "attacks" by Sanders. (Their ad is below.)

Arizona is the smallest of the four states voting on St. Patrick's Day, but is one of three that are considered as key battlegrounds in November against incumbent President Donald Trump.

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