Monday, March 23, 2020

BREAKING: Mark Kelly Campaign Resumes TV Advertising With Broad Attack On Prescription Drug Costs (WATCH)

Arizona's presumptive Democratic nominee for this November's heavyweight battle for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Martha McSally is launching a new TV ad tonight. It broadly attacks Congress for protecting Big Pharma while promising to fight to lower prescription drug costs.

Mark Kelly's campaign - with the biggest campaign war-chest in the country - is spending approximately $75,000 running the 30-second spot over the next couple of weeks. In it, he notes that he is not taking money from corporate PACs, "will push for Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices and make cheaper generic drugs more available."

Earlier this month, Senator McSally introduced her own bill which would permit Medicare to negotiate lower prices on certain prescription drugs, among other provisions. Below the surface, the devil between her bill and what Kelly would prefer may be in the details.

A check of Open Secrets compilation of the Senator's campaign contributions over the past five years indicates that her committees have received only $65,000 from pharmaceutical industry PACs - a mere rounding error in the $12.4M she has received during that period.

The healthcare and prescription drugs issue is sure to be on the minds of many voters after this pandemic crisis subsides and November gets closer.

Here is the new ad:

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