Monday, June 22, 2020

PRAISE THE LORD and LOVE THE A/C! Phoenix Church Touts Its Ability To Kill 99% of Virus While Trump Holds Rally! (Except.....)

The senior pastor of Phoenix's Dream City Church took to Facebook yesterday to tout its air purification system in advance of President Donald Trump's rally there tomorrow night. 99% of the virus is zapped within 10 minutes, is the wonderful claim.

TMZ initially reported on Pastor Luke Barnett's video claims, and Talking Points Memo has done some further reporting on that miraculous air purification system.

The only problem is that the ionization system only works once the air is circulated through the system. It does nothing if one of the asymptomatic rally goers near you yells or coughs in your direction. The air purification system will not be sucking up the air until sometime later.

The "Students for Trump" rally is also expected to host Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, two of Arizona's Republican Congressmen (Biggs, Gosar) and others.

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego has indicated that she does not believe the rally can be held safely, but has indicated that the city will not prevent it from moving forward nor cite individuals for violating the facemask mandate.

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