Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Andrew Thomas' Morning After Statement: I'll Support Horne If He Wins Nomination

Here is Andrew Thomas' morning after Tweet-linked statement.  No analysis of uncounted votes, but a back atcha to Horne that he will support his primary election opponent if the vote counting ends up counter to his hopes.  Notably, it also might quell any talk of pressing for a challenge if Horne ends up leading outside the required recount zone.

Thomas' full statement:

"The time for debating and tough words in the Republican Primary is over. The time for vote counting is upon us. I appreciated Tom Horne's words earlier in the campaign and just last night when things were not looking his way that he would support me were I to be the nominee. Likewise, if Tom prevails I don't want there to be any doubt that I will support him against the Democrat. Let's see where the vote counting takes us knowing that in the end the Republican Party will offer a nominee that is vastly better than a Democrat counterpart who opposes Senate Bill 1070 and who refuses to challenge ObamaCare by joining other Attorneys General across the U.S."

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