Monday, August 30, 2010

Former Republican Congressman Jim Kolbe Moves BEYOND HYPTER-PARTISANSHIP To Endorse Democrat

One of the things that intends to highlight during the next several weeks is efforts to get beyond hyper-partisanship.  We believe that most Arizonans are tired of every issue being framed in an Us vs. Them, Republican vs. Democrat, black vs. white partisan way.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we have a breaking news item that highlights a former Republican Congressman crossing the aisle to endorse a Democrat for Arizona Treasurer.  Rep. Jim Kolbe just sent out an e-mail on behalf of Democratic candidate Andrei Cherny.*  As he notes, it is the first time he has endorsed a Democrat (beyond local offices), he is "still a proud Republican", and he is also going to co-chair Cherny's campaign.

Kudos to Congressman Kolbe, for again displaying political courage in this day and age of hyper-partisanship.

The Republican nominee is Doug Ducey.  There are no Green or Libertarian Party candidates on the ballot.

*Text of August 30 e-mail:
Dear ,

I served as a Republican in Congress representing Arizona for over 22 years, as a Republican in the Arizona state legislature for 6 before that, and I’m still a proud Republican. I’ve never endorsed a Democrat for any office other than local ones. But as we find ourselves in a worsening fiscal crisis, we need to have the most qualified people in leadership positions and there is no doubt in my mind that Andrei Cherny is the right person for State Treasurer.

Without any hesitation, I not only endorse Andrei, but am joining his campaign as its Chair. During and after all my years of service, I have come to realize that party labels do not mean a lot. I have known Andrei for several years and I believe that his accomplishments and experience in managing organizations; his work and record as a prosecutor in the Arizona Attorney General’s office; and his sheer drive, intelligence, and education are what we need in this position.

I’ve signed on to help and am ready for whatever guff comes my way. Will you help as well by making a contribution today? In a campaign like this, every little bit helps if we're going to break the mold and get past the old divisions.

Andrei and I don’t agree on every issue, but I have a lot of respect for his commitment and his vision and I know that the guy I’m supporting is the best person for this job.

Given the problems the state has I think we need to bring both parties together and support Andrei because of his skills, leadership and vision.

We aren’t going to fix problems if we don’t have leaders that will cross party lines. And we won’t have those leaders if we as voters don’t support and help the candidates who are willing to break out of the partisan strongholds. By asking me to chair his campaign, Andrei has shown he’s ready to do that. I hope you’ll lend a helping hand to our efforts today.


Jim Kolbe

P.S. Your contribution right now will help us hit the ground running in the general election. We don't have a moment to waste!

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