Tuesday, November 2, 2010

AS SEEN ON TV: Which Ads Are Running On Election Day?

Somewhat traditionally, in this generation of negative advertising, consultants suggest that you go positive on election day and just before.  This a.m., we're almost - but not quite - seeing that.  Spotted so far today:

--SuperPAC for America's "The Arizona Three", 2X, Watch it here.
--Doug Ducey, hybrid, 5X, watch it here.
--Ben Quayle's team-choosing ad, 2X, watch it here.
--CFJF/Democratic Attorneys General Association still-illegal ad vs. Tom Horne, 3X, watch it here, (check out our other, extensive coverage by clicking on the tag "Tom Horne").
--BLFA/Republican State Leadership Comm. ad vs. Felecia Rotellini
--John McCain, positive, watch it here.
--Terry Goddard, positive, watch it here.
--Jan Brewer, positive, watch it here.

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