Tuesday, November 16, 2010

OFF-TOPIC: Share Some Of That "Canned Food Gratitude"; Also, "Take A Turkey To Tempe Temple"

While working on that last post about the recount, one of my kids brought up something that really counts: the school food drive.  And, we relived how the teacher's talk about having a "can do attitude" has now morphed into exhorting the class to have a "canned food attitude". 

We further morphed it into having that "Canned Food Gratitude".  I hope that we can ALL show gratitude for all that we have by helping the growing number of our fellow Arizonans who are relying on our wonderful food banks in these difficult times.

Along those same lines, if you happen to be in the East Valley this coming Sunday, grab a turkey (or five) - the fowl kind, not the foul spouse/in-law/co-worker/whatever kind - and bring it over to Temple Emanuel of Tempe between 9&10:30a.m.  The official name of the drive is "Turkey Toss", but in the spirit of this wordplay post, I am preferring the alliterative title in the heading of this post.

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