Monday, November 1, 2010

FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS: Summary of DCCC and NRCC Arizona Spending Over Last Week

Here is a recap of the spending by the National Republican Congressional Committee ("NRCC") and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ("DCCC") in Arizona during the past week.  (As my search mode on the FEC's website is freezing up this a.m., this data is gathered from the Center for Responsive Politics' website.

District 1: The NRCC has spent about $56,000 on "survey research" and "media" in the past week opposing Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick.  The DCCC made a $270,805 ad buy on the 26th opposing challenger Paul Gosar.  (Not counting the $35,000 ad buy by the DCCC that we reported on earlier.)

District 5:  The DCCC produced and aired a new ad against challenger David Schweikert, totaling $281,000.  The NRCC spent $81,827 on airtime against Rep. Harry Mitchell.

District 7:  The DCCC made a $82,971.00 ad buy opposing challenger Ruth McClung (supporting Rep. Raul Grijalva).  The NRCC did not make any new expenditures.

District 8:  The DCCC spent $140,000 producing and airing a new ad in Tucson against challenger Jesse Kelly (supporting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords).  The NRCC did not make any new expenditures.

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