Monday, November 1, 2010

FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS: Arizona's Most Expensive State Legislative Race, Proxy (i.e. IE) Version; Coincidence That Candidate Is/Was Roommate of AZ GOP Exec. Director?

Well, the campaign is almost finished, and it is almost assured that more independent expenditure ("IE")money will be put into one State House race than into any other legislative contest.  Nearly $150,000 from outside groups - evenly split between the Republicans and the Democrat.

The Republicans are attempting to defeat first-term Democratic Rep. Rae Waters in LD20 (SE Valley).  The two Republicans vying for the two House seats are former Rep. Bob Robson and third-time candidate Jeff Dial.

The Arizona Republican Party has jumped into this race in a BIG way during the past week, spending approximately $42,000 in the past week alone.  Interestingly, in the BIG SIGN kerfuffle that blew up last week, it was alleged that Dial is/was roommates with the Executive Director for the Arizona GOP Party, Brett Mecum.

Here is how the IE money has come down:

Against Waters:
Arizona Business Development Coalition approx. $8,600
Arizonans for a Sound Economy (Yuma Republicans) "" $12,000
AZ Republican Party "" $42,500
For Dial/Robson:
AZ Republican Party "" $5,400
United Dairymen & AZ Farm Bureau "" $7,200
TOTAL: $75,700

For Waters:
Voters for Jobs and Education (AEA) "" $5,600
East Valley Education Council (Arizona List) "" $24,800
Against Dial/Robson:
East Valley Education Council "" $43,700
TOTAL: $74,100

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