Thursday, July 28, 2011

DEBT CEILING COVERAGE: Arizona Delegation Updates

With the House of Representatives debating this afternoon (now in indefinite recess), and many divergent viewpoints, I am trying to compile where our 10 Arizona Congresspeople (Representatives and Senators) are at this moment.  If you have some links or info, please e-mail me (  Thanks.

Flake, Jeff (R-CD6):  Rep. Flake - who is running for the Senate next year - has been moved (by the National Journal) from "undecided" to "leans no". ABC reporter Tweets (3:00p.m., AZ Time) that Flake and Franks each had "private conversations" with Speaker Boehner and declined to comment to press afterwards. 
       This afternoon (1:08p.m., AZ Time), The Hill indicated that Flake was still leaning no and that he was thinking about other chess moves for the GOP - that the Senate should pass Reid's plan, then the House could attach a "clean balanced budget amendment" and pressure the Senate with it as the Aug. 2 deadline looms larger.

Franks, Trent (R-CD2):  Rep. Franks has nothing from today on his website or his Twitter feed, as of 1:53p.m. (Arizona Time).  And, a Washington Post article posted this morning lists Franks as "publicly undecided."  The National Journal lists Franks as a "no" vote.  ABC reporter Tweets (3:00p.m., AZ Time) that Flake and Franks each had "private conversations" with Speaker Boehner and declined to comment to press afterwards.

Gosar, Paul (R-CD1):  Rep. Gosar was among the 20-30 House Republican freshmen who participated in a news conference this morning supporting the Boehner proposal.  Facing the picture below, he is to the right of center.  He did not speak, and has not issued any statements.  He did "re-Tweet" Speaker Boehner's message claiming that he had the "only serious proposal."

Quayle, Ben (R-CD3): Webpage, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook silent, as of 1:37p.m. (AZ Time). However, the Washington Post political columnists Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake identified him (and Jeff Flake) as one of the 5 to watch today:  "The Arizona freshman has said he would withhold a decision until the final bill came out, but his time to make a decision is rapidly running out. Quayle is just the sort of conservative establishment type — his father, Dan, was a senator from Indiana and vice president — that Boehner has to have to get to 217 votes."

Schweikert, David (R-CD5): Rep. Schweikert is among the House Republican freshman.  Yesterday, he indicated that he was "leaning no" regarding the Boehner plan. This morning, he was on CNBC: "I'm holding out 'til the last moment, to see if I can get one last (spoken over)...." (4:58 into video) .  The National Journal lists Schweikert as "publicly undecided".


Grijalva, Raul (D-CD7): The co-chair of the House Progressive Caucus, Rep. Grijalva spoke briefly today at a press conference rally to urge Congress to protect against cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

     In his constituent newsletter yesterday, Grijalva suggested that the GOP is simply trying to cut programs they have been trying to eliminate: "They're using their manufactured crisis to try to cut important programs - like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security - that they've tried to eliminate for years. They're trying to tell us these programs, not the wars and upper income tax cuts of the past 10 years, are why we have a deficit. That's simply not true. In 2001, decades after these programs were created, we had a budget surplus of $258 billion. What changed? Well, I don't have to remind you of the last 10 years. We launched two wars and gave taxpayer money to corporations to destroy the economy."


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