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DEBT CEILING COVERAGE: Arizona Delegation Updates, Fri. 7/29

When we had to call it a night last night, the House was just about to call it a night, Rep. Trent Franks had just invited reporters into the bathroom, and I was speculating on a Jeff Flake vs. John McCain debate on a balanced budget amendment. 

I have not been able to break away (from work and other obligations) 'til now (2:00p.m., AZT), and it looks like there are a few Arizona-related developments that do not seem to be getting much attention in some of the Arizona media.  Jeff Flake and Trent Franks were two of the key players in prompting the revision of the Boehner Bill that is now headed for a vote. 

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Flake, Jeff (R-CD6): Rep. Flake would appear to be a big winner in the developments of the last 24 hours - if winners are chosen based upon having an effect on the eventual bill to be voted on in the House.  Yesterday, he talked about his speculation that he could help maneuver a "clean" Balanced Budget Amendment into the mix when the House would take up the Senate's Reid Bill.  However, he apparently goaded Boehner into adding it into his bill instead.

Here's Flake's Tweet from approximately 8:30a.m.(AZT): "Good news. Looks like Boehner bill will now include BBA. Now it cuts, it caps, it balances. If so, I'm for it."

From the Associated Press article carried on the Arizona Republic's website this afternoon (1:00p.m., AZT):  "With conservatives insisting on the addition of a balanced-budget amendment requirement, Speaker Boehner's bill will now cut, cap and balance" federal spending, said Rep. Jeff Flake of Arizona as Friday's scheduled vote approached.
An interview with Flake is featured on NPR's "All Things Considered" this afternoon.  Audio is not yet available online, but can be heard on KJZZ, KUAT, and KNAU.

Flake news release: “The ball will now be in the Senate’s court. If the Boehner bill is dead-on-arrival, as Senator Reid has said, I hope they’ll send us a plan of their own so that we can make improvements to it.”

Franks, Trent (R-CD2):  Franks was one of the couple of dozen (or so) Republican votes that Boehner could not rely on to vote for his bill yesterday.  Today, Franks will be a "yes" vote.  At about 1:30p.m. (AZT) this afternoon, a CBS News reporter tweeted that the Balanced Budget Amendment addition swung Franks.

Franks is being quoted by a Fox Radio reporter (Todd Starnes) as saying:  "I think Harry Reid will do the most-malicious thing possible to this bill."  (To my knowledge, Reid has only said that the Senate will vote it down.)

Quayle, Ben (R-CD3):  News release with quote from Quayle:
“I came to Washington with two main goals in mind: getting the economy going again and reducing the size and scope of government. I will vote for the Budget Control Act because I am committed to these goals. While it’s not perfect, the Budget Control Act is an important first step that puts in place structural spending reforms and cuts, requires passage of a balanced budget amendment, stands firm against tax increases and ensures that America pays its bills."

“Importantly, the Budget Control Act achieves our long-standing demand that spending reductions be greater than any debt ceiling increase. And unlike Senator Harry Reid’s plan, the reductions and caps are real."

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