Monday, July 25, 2011

TWITTER THIS: Former Arizona Lawmaker Colleagues - Pretty Young Kirk Adams and Even Younger Ruben Gallego - Jabbing About "Worker Justice" Over Twitter

(9:32a.m. Clarifying that Grace Lutheran Church is in Phoenix, not Washington.
9:40a.m. Adding link to organization that held worker justice demonstration, in Phoenix.)

Former young House Speaker Kirk Adams - he is still young, no longer youngest and no longer House Speaker - and also-young state Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-LD16) had a fun little Twitter exchange a couple of days ago.

Gallego is in Washington for the National Council of La Raza annual conference.  As this is being written, President Barack Obama is about to address the conference (9:50a.m., Arizona Time) about the economy and immigration, and Gallego has tweeted that he is in the "nosebleeds" for it.

But, on Thursday, when he arrived at the conference, Gallego tweeted "About 100 workers and allies at Grace Lutheran Church advocating for Worker justice."  The demonstration took place in Phoenix

Perhaps because Gallego had also tweeted about "violent Teaparty rhetoric", Adams - who resigned from the state House to run for the East Valley congressional seat being vacated by Jeff Flake - decided to respond. 

"'Worker Justice' is having a job when unemployment is above 9%,"  tweeted Adams - perhaps simplifying the term a bit.  Gallego retorted: "worker justice is when you give 500million tax cut to corporations you also give unemployment benefits extension."

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