Monday, July 11, 2011

WHO KNEW?: Arizona Rep. Jeff Flake Had Been "Left For Dead", Made Comeback Due To "Conservatives and Tea Party Supporters" --Washington Post

Arizonans might be surprised to learn that long-time East Valley Congressman and leading GOP candidate for U.S. Senate, Jeff Flake (R-CD6) had been "left for dead" and has made an "unlikely political comeback" that can be contrasted with the falls of the likes of Ensign, Edwards and Weiner (among others).  But, that is exactly what the Washington Post is reporting in today's edition (page A15) in its profile of Flake.

The surprise comes not because voters in Flake's Congressional district (East Valley) ever have come close to voting him out, but because he had thwarted the expected upward trajectory within the House Republicans by speaking out bluntly against earmarks.  (Gasp!)

In any event, it is an interesting article for Arizonans to review.  And, as Flake apparently acknowledged several times in being interviewed for the story, he did feel that he went through "some tough days" when he was being punished by the GOP leadership for his "bad behavior."

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