Thursday, March 21, 2013

Arizona Senators Vote No On Continuing Resolution Averting Shutdown; Passed 73-26

Arizona's Senators were among the 26 who voted "nay" on the package to continue funding the federal government for the next six months.  The Wednesday afternoon vote result was 73-26, and is expected to win approval from the House of Representatives on Thursday.

John McCain and Jeff Flake were on the losing end of the vote, but were with a slim majority of their Republican colleagues.  The GOP split was 19-26.  Although we have not received any statements from the Senators, it would appear that this Politico story hit on the reason for their opposition when it noted that "billions are shifted within Defense to help the military services cope with depleted operations accounts. But the Army is still left with 14 percent less than it had budgeted for the next six months."

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