Thursday, May 16, 2013

BREAKING: Recall Arpaio Effort Pulls Plug - Again - On Paid Circulators

Arizona's Politics has learned from two sources (circulators) that Respect Arizona - the group circulating the petition to recall Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio - has (again) pulled the plug on paid circulators.

With two weeks to go until the deadline to turn in the 335,000+ signatures to the County Recorder, it appears the controversial effort will have to try to rely on volunteers - who may be dispirited by the inevitable negative media coverage of today's development - to push the effort over the edge.  The last announced count was that they had more than 200,000 signatures;  most of those likely came from the army of paid circulators.

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American Pride said...

Sheriff Joe isn't going anywhere for a very long time. Respect Arizona doesn't respect the Maricopa county voters who elected him for the 6th time. Instead, they insulted our intelligence and right to choose by saying that we were uniformed voters... even though they're spewing the same garbage now that we heard all summer long before we made our choice. They have no new problem with Joe's performance. They give nothing new to be concerned about. They are still parroting the same "400 sex crimes" and "abuse in the jails" and "costing the taxpayers money in lawsuits" drivel as they did before... as if none of those things occur in other law enforcement agencies. They claim so much concern for the children involved in those '400 sex crimes' yet there is not one word from them about the 2800 crimes that were mishandled by Phoenix PD. The recall people don't respect or even care about Arizona voters. They seem to care more about illegal aliens than fellow Americans. Their only real concern is getting rid of one of the few in law enforcement who will do the job that the voters keep re-electing him to do. That's why we will keep our Sheriff Joe. GO JOE! VIVA 1070!