Thursday, May 16, 2013

UPDATE, and READ: Recall Arpaio Lawsuit Inching Toward Hearing; Motion For Preliminary Injunction

Arizona's Politics has been following (most recent article) the slow-moving lawsuit filed by Joe Arpaio supporters to throw out the recall petition effort against the Maricopa County Sheriff.  The anti-recall Citizens To Protect Fair Election Results ("CPFER") has until tomorrow afternoon to file a response to the motion to dismiss the case and sanction the plaintiffs, filed by the group organizing the recall, Respect Arizona ("RA"). Also, CPFER has filed a motion for a declaratory judgment and preliminary injunction.

It is very possible that the Superior Court Judge will set an expedited hearing on RA's motions for next week, after CPFER's response - the Court had extended the deadline to respond upon CPFER's request.  A hearing will likely NOT be set on the preliminary injunction until plaintiff's completely follow the rules - they did not file the required affidavit and there is no accompanying motion asking for an expedited hearing.  (The declaratory judgment should have been part of the relief sought in the complaint.)

Here is the plaintiffs' new motion:

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