Wednesday, May 29, 2013

(OFF-TOPIC) NO APOLOGIES NECESSARY: Costco Now Serving PEPSI At Food Court Instead Of Coca-Cola; Historic Switch

Iconic Summer, indeed!*

It has ALWAYS been Coca-Cola (dating to late '70's or early '80's).  Dating back to the pre-Costco/Price Club merger.  I always had to tolerate my less-favorite brand when I bought the $1.50 Polish sausage-and-Coke combo at the food court, or needed a soft drink to wash down my other purchases.

This past week, I popped in for an item (yes, I CAN do that at Costco) and decided to buy the combo. It wasn't until I was walking away from the counter that I noticed, and my jaw dropped.  Michelle had handed me a Pepsi cup.

I must not have been the first to react, because Michelle answered my "Did you guys switch?" with an apologetic "Yeah, a few weeks ago."

I had to let her know that not all customers were disappointed with this shocking development.  I think everyone at the Food Court (and the nearby merchandise registers, etc.) at that moment is also aware that Costco changed the seemingly-unchangeable.

There was not much internet discussion of it when it was confirmed in February; Costco says it was strictly a price-related decision - they have never changed the $1.50 price of the combo.

This fan of both Costco and Diet Pepsi is VERY happy!  No apologies necessary, Michelle (and Costco)!

*"Iconic summer" is Pepsi's marketing catchphrase for Summer 2013; Coke at the Costco food court was iconic.

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