Tuesday, October 8, 2013

LISTEN: Secretary of State Bennett Re: Dual-Track Ballots In 2014 Election, Based On Citizenship (from KTAR)

Arizona's Secretary of State - and, coincidentally, 2014 gubernatorial candidate - Ken Bennett was questioned on news-talk radio station KTAR (92.3FM, Phoenix) yesterday afternoon.  (Link to audio below.)  The second topic was the opinion he received earlier that day from Attorney General Tom Horne declaring that the state could and should provide federal-election only ballots for people who registered to vote without providing proof of citizenship (through the federal motor voter law).

For more information on the opinion and the background behind it, please see Arizona's Politics' article from yesterday.

(Click on picture to pull up KTAR interview with Bennett in separate window.  The "m4a" audio will automatically start.)

(Alternatively, if you are unable to play the "m4a" audio, you can click on THIS LINK to go to KTAR's website to listen to the interview.  The interview begins at 0:50 and the portion regarding the federal-election-only ballots begins at 3:40.)

The afternoon hosts (Mac and Gaydos) first questioned Bennett about the reports about TANF checks to Arizonans, and got to the voting issue in the 2nd half.  Here are a few "quickie quotes" (i.e. gets the gist of the Secretary's comments, not re-, re-, re-listened to and transcribed) from the interview:

"Thrown us into a rock and a hard place. The only way you can comply with both of those at the same time is to kind of run two systems. There will be a handful, about 2,000 (people effected)." . . . 
"85% of people who register with the federal form give us something that allows us to verify citizenship." . . .
"We’ve been talking about this possibility ever since the Supreme court ruled (in June)."
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