Tuesday, October 15, 2013

WATCH: Arizona Reps. Barber and Kirkpatrick On House Floor This Morning; "Supershitstorm Congress" Looms; "Everybody Loses"

Arizona Reps. Ron Barber (D-CD2) and Ann Kirkpatrick (D-CD1) were among the 30 House members (15 from each side) to give one-minute speeches this morning on the House floor, as everyone awaits what could be a climactic day in the 15-day old partial government shutdown that is now threatening to become "Supershitstorm Congress" as the nation's debt limit is fast approaching.

First up was Barber, who has been walking a fine line between urging House Republican leadership to pass a "clean" Continuing Resolution and crossing party lines to support some of the GOP's "piecemeal" bills and controversial resolutions:

I have not had the time to transcribe his speech.

Next up was Kirkpatrick, whose office also provided the transcript below the video.

TRANSCRIPT of floor speech:

Mr. Speaker, as we enter a third week of this reckless, irresponsible shutdown, it’s no wonder folks in my Arizona district and across the nation are disgusted.

They see Washington treating this shutdown as a political game.

How far will the House majority push our nation -- just to score political points?

I’ve got news for them: No one wins, everybody loses.

And here’s what an editorial in The Arizona Republic says today about the shutdown:

“When it’s all over, the huge costs will be tallied and the hard work Congress has avoided will remain undone.

“America will join the world in wondering: Is that all there is?

“The only heroes in this tragedy are the Americans who still believe their government can — eventually — do the right thing.”

Mr. Speaker, let’s show the American people that this House is still capable of doing the right thing.

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