Monday, November 24, 2014

UPDATE, McSally/Barber Count/Recount...and Today, NEW LAWSUIT: Barber Campaign Goes To Federal Court

UPDATE, 4pm: Judge Cindy Jorgenson is the judge assigned to the suit filed by Rep. Ron Barber's campaign. Jorgenson has been on the bench since 2002 (appointed by Pres. Bush). Prior to that, she worked in the Pima County Attorney's Office, as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Arizona. She was on the Pima County Superior Court bench from 1996-2002. Both her undergraduate and law degrees are from the University of Arizona.

Rep. Ron Barber's (D-CD2) attorneys went to federal court this morning to ask that the ballots of "at least 133 voters" be counted. The 133 had their votes rejected by Pima and Cochise County election officials for several reasons, but the Barber legal team alleges the rejections were incorrect.

A copy of the 25-page complaint, filed by Barber's campaign committee and joined by three of the 133, as provided by the Tucson Sentinel:

The suit asks for a temporary restraining order to prevent the Secretary of State from certifying the election next Monday until the votes are included in the final tally.  GOP challenger Martha McSally currently holds a 161-vote lead.

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