Friday, July 17, 2015

Ann Kirkpatrick Raises $432K In 5 Weeks, Has $637K In Bank For McCain Challenge

Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-CD1) raised more than $432,000 in the 5 weeks after she announced that she would challenge Sen. John McCain next year.  After transferring $259,000 from her House re-election campaign, Kirkpatrick had more than $637,000
in the bank when the 2nd quarter ended on June 30.

However, that is dwarfed by the more than $4.5M that McCain had in his checking account that morning (in addition to his name ID advantage).

Arizona's Politics obtained a copy of her summary report that was filed with the U.S. Senate on the 15th.  It has not yet publicly appeared on the FEC's website. (See below)

(Article about incumbent Senator John McCain's $4.5M in bank is here.)

Kirkpatrick announced her decision to forego running for reelection to her very competitive Congressional seat (she was 2-1 in elections there) on May 26.  Between April 1 and May 25, she raised $100,000 for that campaign.  Combined with almost all of the cash on hand she had in that ("Kirkpatrick for Arizona") account, she transferred more than $259,000 to the new "Kirkpatrick for Senate" committee.

Once she announced the Senate run, she collected $432,000.  All but $15,000 was from individuals; the $15K was from PACs (political action committees).

However, interestingly, on May 25 (the day before the announcement), she received nearly $30,000 from more than 20 different PACs.*

*Federal election laws do not permit those PACs to "double up" their contributions by the House-to-Senate switch; they will still be limited to the $5,000 limit. Most likely, the contributions were timed to improve her individual-to-PAC ratio in her Senate campaign; That often becomes a talking point for candidates and a data point in reporters' articles.

(Arizona election law attorney Paul Weich contributed to this report.)

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