Friday, July 17, 2015

McCain Brings In 30% LESS Money After Announcing, But Still Hauls In $1.4M...With $4.5M In Bank

In the quarter ending June 30, John McCain, Arizona's senior U.S. Senator, took in 1/3 LESS money than he had in the quarter BEFORE announcing his re-election bid.  However, the $1.4M still more than doubles his Democratic opponent's.

McCain also had more than $4.5M in the bank when he opened his eyes on the first day of this month.  His announced Republican opponent, state lawmaker Kelli Ward does not have to this separate article.
file a campaign finance report  until October.  Democratic opponent Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick raised nearly $700,000, which is further addressed in

McCain fundraised hard in the first quarter, telling potential donors that he wanted to hear from them to help him make up his mind about whether to run for a 6th 6-year term.  The money spoke loudly, and he took in more than $2.1M.  Coupled with transfers of more than $1.1M from his 2008 Presidential race committee, and the astounding cash on hand total is easily understood.

In this past quarter, McCain raised nearly $1.0M ($977,000) from individuals, and $244,500 from PACs (political action committees).  He spent more than half-a-million to raise that money and to power his campaign.  The full report, filed on the 15th but just made public this morning, is below (and, here:

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