Wednesday, July 29, 2015

READ: Arizona Court of Appeals Did NOT Just Permit "Voting Early And Often"

Contrary to the lead sentence of an article, and a tweet touting the article, Arizona judges did not just decide "voting early and often is not illegal in Arizona.'

The appellate opinion reverses the conviction of a Bullhead City woman who allegedly voted ballots in both Arizona's and Colorado's 2010 elections.  After noting that the woman claims that she did not actually vote the Colorado ballot (she returned the envelope with a note saying she had moved to AZ), the judges find that because there were no races in common on the two ballots - it was not a Presidential election - it would not have run afoul of Arizona's voting statutes.

The tweet (and lede) states: 

While catchy, that is simply not at all close to the finding of the Court.  Here is the statute, and here is the unanimous opinion:

(This article contributed by Tempe attorney Paul Weich.)

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