Wednesday, July 15, 2015

McSally Builds Campaign Chest To $1.4M On Strong 2nd Quarter (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

Arizona Congressmember Martha McSally (R-CD2) has amassed a $1.4M campaign warchest in the first six months of her rookie term, and raised more than $1.0M in the 2nd quarter.

McSally's campaign finance report was filed today, and shows that direct mail fundraising, national PACs and a $109,000 fundraiser are responsible for more than half of her 2Q receipts.

Rep. McSally won the ultra-competitive southern Arizona Congressional district on her third try, and has swiftly moved to raise the money needed to retain the seat next year against any opponents from her right or left.  (State Rep. Victoria Steele announced that she will seek the Democratic nomination, and does not need to file her first campaign finance report until October.)

Rep. McSally took office with $364,000 remaining in her campaign kitty, increased it to $820,000 in the first three months of her term, and now has $1,431,655.

Of the $1,049,453 in campaign receipts in the 2nd quarter, approximately $345,000 came from unitemized contributions (less than $200/individual).  This makes sense after noting that the campaign spent about $153,000 on postage between April and June.

Rep. McSally also received $135,500 from PACs (political action committees), and $109,400 from the Winning Women joint fundraising committee. McSally raised an identical amount from Winning Women last year, a group formed (and largely funded by) billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer and Sylvie Legere Ricketts (of Chicago Cubs ownership, etc.).

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