Monday, January 11, 2016

THIS AFTERNOON: Will Arizona Sky Be Next $60,000 Canvas For Anti-Trump Message By Alabama Millionaire?

People in the West Valley might look to the sky this afternoon for their next Presidential election ad. Millionaire real estate developer Stan Pate from Alabama hammered the billionaire former real estate developer-turned-GOP-Presidential-frontrunner Donald Trump over the Rose Parade on January 1; today's national championship football game between Alabama and Clemson (from key early primary state South Carolina) might be the next $60,000 canvas.

Rose Parade attendees - including the many fans of the IOWA Hawkeyes - were treated to the
$59,610 skywriting on January 1 that stated: "America Is Great. Trump Is Disgusting. Anybody But Trump."

The independent expenditure was by "We The People Foundation", which filed their disclosure (incorrectly in several ways, but filed) with the Federal Election Commission.  (embedded below) News articles credit Pate.

Pate promised more, and he and We The People declined to answer Arizona's Politics' repeated requests about whether there are Arizona plans. Given that Pate hired skywriters at a previous Alabama national championship game (2010) and that South Carolina (home of Clemson) is a key early primary state, it will not be surprising if a synchronized squadron of planes puffs out a similar anti-Trump message.

Look! Up in the sky! It's a message! It's a strange hair piece! It's...anti-Trump! 

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