Thursday, May 5, 2016

(LISTEN) Arizona's Dark Money Guru Sean Noble: "The Most Bizarre Election Cycle...Is Just Starting"

Arizona's nationally-known dark money guru Sean Noble chose his words carefully during a national interview yesterday, concluding that "the most bizarre election cycle I've ever watched, and I think it's just starting."
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Appearing on public radio's "The Takeaway" program, Noble was noted as "one of the organizers of the #NeverTrump movement" in the GOP primaries; he agreed that some of those people will climb aboard the Trump train, but that many "in the donor community, I think, they may not support Trump but what their thought process will be is 'what do we have to do to protect the House and the Senate to make sure that we have a Republican House and Senate, because they believe Trump will lose to Hillary and so we need to have a check against Hillary, and they don't want to have a situation like we saw in 2008 where you have a Democrat President, a Democrat House and a Democrat Senate."

Although Noble does not have the high position in the Koch brothers' network that he had in 2012, he was then asked to comment on Charles Koch's comment that Hillary might make a better President than Trump. Noble noted that that was not untrue and hinted that Koch money might also be focused on Congressional races.

Since the 2012 elections, Noble has focused much of his political consulting efforts in helping elect Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, and on the solar/net metering issue.

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