Friday, May 20, 2016

BREAKING: "How We Won": Last-Minute $500K From Chamber of Commerce Propels Prop. 123 Proponents; (READ)

The proponents for the school-funding measure - which is leading by approximately 16,000 votes this morning - raised more than $5M for the effort.

Their report (below) included a last-minute $500,000 contribution from the Arizona Chamber of Commerce. Arizona's Politics published the first report previously. (Pair of Multi-Billionaire Couples Fund Ducey's $3.7M Prop. 123 Campaign; Opposition Raises $617.00)

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce ranks high on the #50ShadesOfDarkMoney spectrum because it does not disclose which companies or individuals have contributed what to whom.

In addition to the Chamber's $500,000 contribution on April 29 - just three days after Let's Vote Yes... On Prop 123 committee saw the measure slip below 50% in internal polling - the Gila River and Salt River-Maricopa Indian Communities each kicked in $25,000 in last minute cash, putting the revenues just over $5M. (The State of Arizona is siding with the two nations in their ongoing battle over a Glendale casino opened by the Tohono O'odham.)

As of the May 7 reporting date, the committee had spent more than $2.9M on television advertising and $500,000 with the Sean Noble-connected Direct Response Group on communications.

(CORRECTION, 10:40am: The Let's Vote Yes... On Prop 123 committee DID file the pre-election report on time; the report filed May 19 was an AMENDED report. J.P. Twist, the committee's campaign manager, indicates that the amendment was to include a late-received in-kind contribution. Arizona's Politics apologizes for the oversight.)

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