Thursday, May 19, 2016

READ: Secy of State Reagan Vents, Stomps On Treasurer DeWit's "Sour Grapes" and "Falsehoods" and Blows Off Pamphlet Violation (#ArizonaElectedOfficialsCageMatch)

Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan vented her frustrations with State Treasurer Jeff DeWit today, blasting him for "spread(ing) election law falsehoods" and his "sour grapes" over both the February Presidential Preference Election and this week's Special Election.

In an unsigned-but-1st-person post on the Secretary of State's website titled "Sour Grapes", Reagan minimizes her office's statutory violation - not mailing out all publicity pamphlets before the legal deadline - saying that "we are also confident that Arizona voters had plenty of information about the two ballot propositions...."

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich opened an investigation into the Secretary of State's failure, and had pointed comments about the violation.

With the vote count still too close to call for Proposition 123 and county recorders still counting late early votes and provisional ballots, DeWit posted an "official statement" (below) questioning "the validity of the election results" because of the violation.

Reagan answered back today with her biting response:

Closing the post with a bang, Reagan stated:

What is not fair game is to have a Treasurer, who while moonlighting as a campain operative, continues to throw wild accusations and have public meltdowns when one of his campaigns goes poorly. That's just sour grapes.

DeWit is GOP Presidential presumptive nominee Donald Trump's Arizona Chair. He also was the highest-profile opponent of Prop. 123. Here was his statement yesterday:

As of late this afternoon, Prop. 123 is passing by less than one percentage point, 9,243 votes.

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