Thursday, June 30, 2016

Arizona Senators Don't Sign On For Former "Gang Of Eight" Buddy Marco Rubio; APS Does, Though (FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS)

More than 1/2 of Marco Rubio's GOP Senate colleagues signed on for a mega-fundraiser for the off-again/on-again re-election campaign for the Florida Senator; neither John McCain nor Jeff Flake stood up for their on-again/off-again Gang Of Eight immigration reform buddy.

The D.C. fundraiser took place Wednesday night, after Rubio changed his mind last week and decided to re-run for his Senate seat. He was one of the Final Four candidates to fall to Small Hands Trump in the Presidential nomination cage match, and had pledged to pivot to private life.

28 of the Senate's 53 Republicans (excluding Rubio) participated, as did more than 50 co-hosts. And, Arizona was not completely unrepresented. The Pinnacle West PAC - which is the parent company for major Arizona utility APS - is listed as a sponsor. (Note: the Pinnacle West PAC receives contributions from APS employees and executives, and their Rubio Sponsorship should not be confused with the non-transparent CORPORATE contributions that have often been reported by Arizona's Politics.)

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