Monday, June 20, 2016

License To Taunt: Good-Natured Twitter-fight UA/ASU Rivalry; The Last Word

The University of Arizona and Arizona State University continued their ongoing rivalry on the Twitter field today. Subject: License Plates.

ASU sent out a tweet boasting about hitting "18,000+ (Sun Devil license) plates on Arizona Roadways (sic)" and asking "have you gotten your Sparky plates?" UA responded with a blasé "Nah."

Sparky's handlers got the last laugh (so far), with their equally-casual "'s never too late to upgrade to them from whatever you have.

For the record, the most recent statistice released from the Arizona Department of Transportation shows that UA plates earned $102,000 more from the license plates than did ASU in 2015. ($398k to $296k). ASU has more students and alumni, but there are still more UA cars bearing down on you.

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