Thursday, June 23, 2016

WATCH/READ: Arizona Diamonback Luis Gonzalez Cuts $540k Pro-McCain Ad For U.S. Chamber; Starts Airing Today(FOLLOWING MONEY IN ARIZONA'S POLITICS; #50ShadesOfDarkMoney

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce* today begins running another flight of ads supporting Arizona Senator John McCain, this one featuring Arizona Diamondback legend Luis Gonzalez. The one-week ad buy in Phoenix and Tucson totals $540,000.

Gonzalez - who is the Senior Advisor to the Diamondbacks' President & CEO Derrick Hall - lauds the longtime Senator/season ticket holder/part owner, calling him a "fighter".

Interestingly, the 30-second ad indicates that it is "Sponsored by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry", but is paid for by the U.S. Chamber. Neither organization discloses its donors and both are classified as "dark money" spenders.

The ad begins airing in Tucson today, and will run through the 29th. The $175,000 plunked down for Tucson airtime is more than the Chambers spent last month on a flight in Tucson. This time, the Chamber will also air the spot in Phoenix.

Here's the transcript:
After 9-11, we were a part of the healing process. To see our Senator in
the stands there and show the people that we are strong,
that's a sense of pride that we all have as Americans.
I trust John McCain with our national and economic Security.
 He is a fighter, and that's the type of person you want to lead. The kids now,
these are our future leaders.
We have to try to create those job opportunities for them and that's what
he's fighting to do and it's nice to know that we have someone like that
representing the state of Arizona. The US Chamber is responsible for the content
of this advertising.

Ken Kendrick - the Arizona Diamondbacks' Managing General Partner - and his wife Randy are major GOP and GOP-related (including McCain) donors.

*The U.S. Chamber is one of the original dark money operations; it does not disclose donors for particular ad campaigns (or, in general).

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Anonymous said...

I have lost all respect for Gonzolez and the DBacks who, evidently, support him in his ad campaign for McCain. 2001 is over. Get over it.