Thursday, July 21, 2016

READ: Sheriff Arpaio Wants To See Your Name Just Before He Speaks At Convention Tonight (DEAR MOM AND DAD, PLEASE SEND MONEY)

Maricopa County Sheriff and Trump surrogate Joe Arpaio will be speaking for a few minutes at the Republican National Convention tonight. But first, he hopes to see your name on his donor list.

The fundraising email du jour is pegged to tonight's speech. Just before walking on the convention dais tonight, campaign manager Chad Willems is going to give him a full donor list, and the Sheriff will be looking for your name.*

UPDATE: I'm speaking at the
Republican National Convention TONIGHT!
I am honored to tell you that TONIGHT at 8 PM EST I have the privilege of speaking before the Republican National Convention! 
Before I step on the stage tonight, my campaign manager will be giving me a list of everyone who fully supports my re-election campaign. I asked that he made sure to reach out to you – one of my most loyal supporters. Will I see your name? 
Trust me MItch, you will want to hear what I have to say tonight. As you know, I don't tip toe around the truth, and I don't sugar coat things with politically correct rhetoric. I am all but certain the media will try to twist my words. 
That's why it would mean so much to me if you could take a moment now to join my list of people supporting me right now, before I step on stage before millions of people – and media who will undoubtedly try to tear apart my message. 
I've always counted on principled conservatives like you to stand with me, MItch. And I hope you will do so now – before I go on stage at the Republican National Convention tonight at 8 PM EST. 
It would mean so much to me to see your name on the list of supporters before I take the stage tonight. 

Sheriff Joe ArpaioMaricopa County, Arizona

The text of the email is the most we can provide at this time - it has a couple of vague hints about what he might have to say.  Willems tells Arizona's Politics that the text of the speech is not yet available to either him or the media.

*Unfortunately, it will be hard for the Sheriff to find your name. His donor list for the first half of 2016 runs 502 pages and contains $2M of donations. And, that's without listing all of the $50 or less donations!

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