Friday, May 5, 2017

Despite Cagy Moves, McSally's Trumpcare Vote Prompts Ratings Downshift, Frontal Assault From Arizona Colleague

Arizona Rep. Martha McSally (R-CD2) made some cagy moves to offset her status as one of the final votes in favor of the Obamacare repeal and replace measure yesterday, but she faced Friday with her re-election chances being downgraded by the respected Cook Political Report, as well as a searing fundraising email from House colleague Ruben Gallego promising political payback.

House leadership gave McSally the visibility of putting forward a bill (not an amendment) to pull a Congressional exemption from the new AHCA (aka Trumpcare) provisions. The one-sentence measure passed 429-0. McSally then explained her vote in favor of the AHCA by saying it is better than the present system and puts the ball in motion - not a full-throated endorsement of the provisions that passed with two votes to spare.

Cook Political Report this morning downgraded McSally's re-election chances from "likely" to "leans", noting that her vote was an "unequivocal political risk", and that "it will certainly spur Democrats' interest here."

That was a few hours after Arizona's Politics email inbox received a blistering email (reproduced below the jump) from Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-CD7),  From his campaign committee and with the simple/direct subject line "Martha McSally", Gallego flat-out stated that he "can't reason or negotiate with people like that. The only choice we have is to defeat them. I'm going to make sure Martha McSally pays a price for her vote."

It would not appear that there will be much bi-partisan cooperation between these Arizona Representatives.

Arizona -- the state I represent -- will be one of the hardest hit by Donald Trump's heartless health care bill.

But Martha McSally, a Republican who represents a community in Southern Arizona where tens of thousands of people will lose their health coverage thanks to Trumpcare, just voted YES.

I'm so sick of this -- that's why I'm partnering with Swing Left to help build the resources now to defeat McSally. If you want to resist, if you want to fight Trump, this is how.

Join me and Swing Left in raising funds to defeat Martha McSally >>

, Martha McSally and her Republican colleagues know they just voted for millions of Americans to lose health coverage and to make it nearly impossible for someone with a preexisting condition to get health coverage.

But they don't care.

You can't reason or negotiate with people like that. The only choice we have is to defeat them.

I'm going to make sure McSally pays a price for her vote today. Will you join me?

Let's do this,

-- Ruben

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