Thursday, August 16, 2018

#AZSen TIDBITS: Dem Group Adds $200k To Its Pre-Primary Anti-McSally Ad Campaign

8/16, 5:15pm: A major Democratic Super PAC disclosed today another $211,000 ad buy opposing Rep. Martha McSally (R-CD2) in the U.S. Senate campaign. The Republican primary concludes on August 28.

Priorities USA Action has now spent nearly $850,000 in opposing the GOP front-runner. Opinions vary on whether the group is trying to influence the GOP primary or just getting an early start on softening up McSally (before she can begin positive ads on August 29). The ads have targeted McSally's healthcare reform votes (i.e. "age tax").

Priorities USA Action's single largest donor is George Soros - a frequent target for Republican attacks. Soros has contributed at least $5M to the group this cycle.

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