Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Two Removed, One Stays On - Arizona Supreme Court Reshapes November Ballot With After Hours Decisions; "Invest In Ed" and "Outlaw Dirty Money" Are OFF

With no oral arguments and just a few pages of opinions, the Arizona Supreme Court tonight re-shaped Arizona's November elections by removing two ballot measures - the Outlaw Dirty Money and Invest In Ed initiatives are gone, and the Clean Energy measure remains on.

The trio of 5pm rulings came the day before the Arizona Secretary of State had to send the final ballot measure information to the state's County Recorders for ballot preparation/printing.

Briefs for the cases were filed over the past few days, with the final ones reaching the Justices yesterday. Fuller legal opinions are forthcoming from the Supreme Court, but here are there decisions with barebones reasoning.

1) READ OPINION: @OutlawDirty Money Initiative REMOVED From November Ballot; Arizona Supreme Court Upholds Constitutionality Of Striking Signatures Collected By Circulators Who Don't Show Up In Court After Subpoenaed

2) BREAKING, READ OPINION: @CleanHealthyAZ Energy Initiative Remains On Ballot

3) BREAKING, READ OPINION: @investinedaz Initiative Description "Creates a Significant Danger Of Confusion", Removed From Ballot

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