Tuesday, March 2, 2021

NEW: GOP Election Audit Wars Continue, Maricopa Supervisors Hold Emergency Meeting After GOP Lawmakers Ask Them To KEEP Ballots At County Facility... For Now

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors held another emergency meeting today on the November Election Subpoena Wars, after being surprised by a request from State Senate Republicans to HOLD ON TO the millions of ballots ready to be turned over.

According to attorneys for the GOP Senators, the request is until "suitable arrangements for storing the materials elsewhere" can be made, and would not be "a frustration of the Senate". However, given the statutory security requirements for ballots, this uncertainty was not welcome news to the County.

Maricopa Communications Director Fields Moseley told Arizona's Politics: 
"The subpoena commands the Board produce documents and equipment and deliver them to 1700 W. Washington.  There has never been a discussion or agreement to conduct another audit on Maricopa County property and that is not what the subpoena compels. Maricopa County invited legislative leaders to participate in the two forensic audits conducted this year.  The chairman also invited them to tour the facility, view the equipment, and learn more about the processes during the 2020 election season.  The Board has serious concerns about allowing anyone other than Election Department and County Recorder staff into sensitive areas during the current Goodyear election and other municipal elections scheduled during 2021."

The Supervisors did not take any formal action after the 1 1/2 hour emergency meeting (in Executive Session, of course), but likely discussed with their attorneys on how to proceed. (Both the County and the Senate Republicans are represented by outside, private counsel.)

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