Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FOLLOWING MONEY IN POLITICS: Indie Expenditures For Congressional Races: Dentists, NARAL, and NRCC

Fellow dentists are doubling down to help Dr. Paul Gosar in his bid to unseat Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick in CD1, while the National Republican Congressional Committee ("NRCC") throws another $83,000 onto the air.  Over in CD3, NARAL Pro-Choice America has put $233 into a mailer opposing Ben Quayle (vs. Jon Hulburd).

As we get closer to November, the independent expenditures on behalf of or against Congressional candidates will continue to increase.  Arizona's Politics will check in regularly on the reports that these groups must submit to the Federal Election Commission.  Here are the details for this week's filings.

1) In CD1, the American Dental Association's PAC spent $20,000 more to support Gosar.  The report indicates that the money was for a direct mail piece, and will undoubtedly feature some very white teeth. The ADA had previously spent an identical amount for Gosar (probably in the primary).

2) On the "going negative" side of the ledger in CD1, the NRCC is spending another $83,000 ($82,959.70, to be exact) in ads against incumbent Ann Kirkpatrick.  This brings the NRCC's total in this race up to more than $262,000.

3) In comparison, the NARAL-Pro Choice America expenditure of just $233.32 to design and proofread campaign material opposing Ben Quayle in CD3 seems like small potatoes. 

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