Monday, September 20, 2010

LEGISLATIVE INCUMBENT Promises To Bury Challenger "Like A Freaking Fish In The Backyard"; Challenger Says "Stop"

Reporters love to get quotes from candidates like the comment from State Sen. Frank Antenori (Repub., LD30).  It does not mean, however, that that is the type of political dialogue that we need in this age of Hyper-Partisanship.  Arizona's Politics is, of course, interested in providing political news that entertains as well as informs.  However, we are NOT encouraging escalation when we seek comment, and we are seeking to find the facts behind the rhetoric.

The Tucson Weekly's Jim Nintzel has posted Antenori's response to criticism from his challenger, Todd Camenisch.  Camenisch has been railing on the incumbent* for skipping the League of Women Voters forum this Wednesday night (6:30) in Sierra Vista (Public Library).  Camenishch is quoted as saying that "“I’m quite surprised, but I guess Frank realizes that a Marine can kick an Army’s guy ass any day.”

Antenori notched the rhetoric up in giving his explanation for not responding to the LWV invitation.  He indicated that he has a fundraiser with other GOP candidates the same day, and that “I’m out raising enough money to bury him like a freaking fish in the backyard.”

Inflammatory rhetoric aside, it is hard to say how much money that that would take.  Looking at the campaign finance reports, Antenori reports having $2,498.58 on hand as of September 13.  Camenisch has not yet filed the post-primary report (due on - coincidentally - this Wednesday); but, he reported $7,421.13 on hand August 4 and - unlike Antenori - did not have a contested primary. 

Reached by Arizona's Politics this morning, Camenisch's response to the "fish" comment is that "He (Antenori) needs to stop these comments and focus on his elected job to help the people get jobs, fix the economy, and improve public education and public safety."

Arizona's Politics has a call in to the Antenori campaign, for more information about the calendar conflict and the fundraising efforts.

*Appointed to fill seat of Jonathan Paton

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nunaurbiz said...

Somehow, I doubt Antenori said "freaking." I'm sure he used the real f-word, because it's part of his daily vocabulary.

This should show his constituents something. Do you want a 5-year-old making decisions for you or a university professor and scientist?

Wake up, LD 30!

Mitch M. said...

You're accusing the Tucson Weekly of being family-friendly!?!?

Thanks for reading and participating, nunaurbiz (like the handle, btw)!