Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Minute Of Your Time, Please: I'd like your input on future of this blog


Thanks for clicking here and spending a bit o' time reading these posts.  It has been nearly three weeks of me weaving these posts in with the rest of my daily tasks.  Of course, I am doing this because I WANT to - because I think that there are gaps in election coverage which I can help fill.

I hope that I have written some informative, some entertaining, and some thought-provoking material in that time.  (Heck, some action-provoking would be cool, too!) 

I have received a little feedback in the open, and a bit more privately.  In truth, probably more than I received back in the 80's - the last time I was committing journalism.  However, it is certainly easier for readers/listeners/viewers/etc. to share reactions in this day and age than it was back in those long ago times.

So, I would like to solicit input from you today.  Let me know whether the type of posts I have made are worthwhile (to you), how I can improve this site (I plan to convert to a more website-y format shortly), and what other niches in political coverage I should try to help fill.  ANY ideas are welcome.

To jump start the discussion, let me put out a few of my thoughts.  Give me your reactions.

1) Fact Checking.  I have always thought the idea of fact checking is a critical one, and I have been happy to see the rise of dedicated fact checking - first at the national level and now here in AZ.  I hope that I have been able to add to the body of fact check work and I think the "Fact Check Follow Up" series (begun yesterday) might be the best addition.  I would like to provide a compilation of all of the fact checking that the various reporters have been doing.  If you would like to help, please send me links whenever you spot them.

2) Candidate and proposition profiles.  I would like to provide a bit of a one-stop shopping-type of resource for potential voters.  I have a bunch of ideas on how I want to do this, but what do YOU think would be important in such a profile?

3) Debates and interviews.  I would like to also provide a database of where videos (and audio) are located on the various campaign, YouTube, media websites. 

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I am open to discussing collaborations with you.  I have just begun to speak with a couple of people I know and respect - on both sides of the aisle - about contributing news and/or opinion pieces.  My ears, eyes - and mind - are open.

Thanks again, and thanks in advance for your input!  --MM


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