Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SIGN, SIGN, EVERYWHERE A SIGN: More Sign Shenanigans In East Valley

(Correction: The signs tampered with belonged to Goddard, Schapira and Arredondo.  NOT Mitchell, Schapira and Arredondo. Corrected below.  My apologies.)

Personally spotted several defaced signs over the weekend, along a Tempe road (at least one).  Someone(s) carefully stuck bumper-sticker-sized pieces of paper on signs belonging to Democratic candidates Terry Goddard (Gov.), David Schapira (Sen., LD17) and Ben Arredondo (House, LD17). 

The stick-ons attempted to label each of the three as "liberal".   While it is hard to imagine that label sticking to those candidates as well as it apparently sticks to the signs - Arredondo has been a Republican officeholder in Maricopa County for years, Schapira has been noted to be an effective lawmaker in the GOP-controlled legislature, and Goddard has led the AG's office and campaigned from the center of the street - the sign-defacer is taking a shot.

While the Schweikert wraparound signs trying to brand Mitchell in the CD5 rematch are legal because they do not touch someone else's property, these stick-ons are obviously illegal.

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